„Every age has its own gait, glance and gesture.”

Charles Baudelaire, The Painter of Modern Life, 1860.

Whatever our relationship is to the new media, we have to admit: it's a game changer. Whether we love or hate it, we can't deny its influence. It has created social media, democratized the access to information and brought up an entire generation of content-creating prosumers. The iconic guru of the theory of new media, Marshall McLuhan was right: after all, we live in a village.

As McLuhan claimed in the well-known phrase “The medium is the message” this revolution has also changed the users and their codes. English is not the post-Internet lingua franca. It's the images – both static and dynamic, simple as emoji or complex as those found on Instagram – that tell us the story of our world.

The image culture influences the visual aspects of brand design and in particular packaging, both in the digital and physical spaces. In the end, we still talk about the reality of our eyes, fingers and brains. And about the reality of screens – as even a book may now be perceived as another screen scanned and calibrated for our eyes. This world of screens seems to have its own laws. One of them is 3S: short, simple, sexy. This formula perfectly captures how pop-culture works nowadays, how messages are sent and how they are received.

What are the consequences and the opportunities of digitalization for brand design and the work of brand designers? We will explore this subject with experts from various fields digital experts, branding gurus, packaging professionals and brand owners from important FMCG markets such as the food industry. Let’s learn how to gain from recent developments that have changed the game to stay strong players in the field!

Stora Enso

Join the Recreate Packaging Awards Ceremony 2018


Kids Food Packaging has been the theme of this year's competition. Stora Enso invites all epda congress participants to the entertaining award ceremony; it will be a true feast for the eyes, completed with a dinner and smashing roof-top party.

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